Friday, January 3, 2014

A room for our second daughter…

Remember this cute toy room?
Well it is now a future nursery. Somehow I have managed to stuff all of Kendall’s toys in other places to make room for Adley.
At first I wasn’t very excited about redoing a nursery. I contemplated creating a big girl room for Kendall and then moving baby into K’s room but decided against it. I didn’t want Kendall to lose her room.
Once I made the decision to keep K in her room, a new project excited me! I planned on keeping the same furniture (obviously!) and bedding. I loved K’s bedding and felt it looked pretty in the pale yellow room.
This little gem is my inspiration for the nursery. This is my artwork circa 2006 when I decided I wanted to paint. Ha! I’m so glad my mom kept it! Not sure where it will hang just yet!DSC_0007
My parents picked up this cute shabby chic rocking chair for me! It needs a little TLC in the form of a sand and repaint and then it will be perfect!DSC_0001I also found this adorable fabric which I intend to make a rocking chair seat cover with. It has yellow and pink butterflies on it. I am not a theme person by any means. I like to decorate using patterns and colors, but this room is going to have some butterflies. :)DSC_0002 I found this adorable plaque yesterday! It was all by itself on a shelf just beaming at me. I love monogrammed pieces in decor!DSC_0003 Back to the butterflies… I bought these little wall decals at the $1 store a while back! I have an idea to put them across one of the walls so they are flying. DSC_0004
Oh and this contraption in front of my collection of totes (baby clothes) was another Christmas gift! It’s a Joovy tandem stroller! I’m so excited about this! K can sit or stand while A will ride in her infant carrier or sit in the seat.
So there is my vision! I’m not sure if it made any sense but it will be fun to see how the nursery progresses. Kendall and I love spending time in there and talking about Adley. In fact, I plan on having a special big sister basket for K in Adley’s room. Something that holds some toys and things to keep her busy if mom is busy with baby. Also, I might put some baby doll accessories in there for Kendall to care for her own baby if she wishes to do so.


  1. very sweet! we are in the house hunting process and I keep invsioning bebe A's room :)
    Marissa's room is owl themed (Circo's Love n Nature from Target) and while I originally thought I wanted that or something similar for Ainsley too, I may have changed my mind to go with purple and birds/butterflies (Lambs & Ivy's Plumberry from Target)
    decisions, decisions...

  2. Her room will be so cute! Emily's room is the same color yellow =)
    What an awesome stroller!!!

  3. Can't wait to see the rest!! I want a Joovy stroller! We are making good progress in baby brothers room.

  4. I love that bump out window! I would be perfect for a window seat w/ shelves/storage under it someday!

    Love the butterflies! So girly!!! :) Everything looks great, you have such a touch w/ decorating and pulling things together!

    Love the idea of the big girl basket for K and the baby doll!

  5. Excited to see it with an itty bitty baby in it! :)