Monday, January 6, 2014

DIY No Sew Bow Holder Take 2

The first time I did this…
If you want to see my first no sew bow holder… go HERE.
Materials you will need:
Fabric, Iron, glue gun and sticks, ribbon, scissors and a sturdy material.
I use cardboard. You could use a canvas or foam board but I had cardboard on hand from Christmas boxes and its free.
Let me introduce you to my lovely assistant Kendall. Girlfriend was putting stickers on the couch so I enlisted her help. Plus its fun to make things together. :)
Step 1: Differentiate Kendall’s bows versus Adley’s bows. We actually did this the other day. K got all the big bows and A will get all the baby ones. K is more of a headband girl these days anyway. I had her remove all the baby bows from the her bow holder.
Step 2: Cut a piece of fabric so that you have overhang on all sides of your board.
Step 3: Glue the overhang to the back of the board like so…DSC_0015
Step 4: Have your assistant hold it up! Then have her put the baby gate up to keep the dog away from crafting! It was actually her idea – love her!DSC_0016 DSC_0017
Step 5: This is when you measure. You don’t want some funky, misplaced ribbons holding your bows!
Step 6: Glue your ribbon to the back on one end and then pull it tight and glue at the other end.
DSC_0019 And then I guesstimate where I want to have the hanging ribbon!DSC_0020 Step 7: Have your assistant hold it up for a picture!DSC_0021
Step 8: Clip on the bows and hang it up!DSC_0023
Sweet Story: Kendall and I were talking about how special it was that we were making this for Adley. I told her that Adley will say to people, “ my big sister made this for me!”
Later in the evening when Chris came home she ran into Adley’s room and told him to follow her. She pointed to the bow holder and said, “ Look what we made! Adley is going to say my sister made this for me!”
All the feels.
I am so happy for my big girl to be a big sister. And I am so happy I’m going to have these two precious girls. I am so lucky!

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