Monday, January 13, 2014

I Can Make That! - Cracker Barrel Picture Frame

I was eating lunch at the ‘Barrel today and they had all their cute Valentine’s Day stuff out in the store. I saw this cute shabby chic frame and fell in love with it. Instead of looking at the price I said out loud to my sister, “I can make that!”. Ha! I say that a lot actually.


I rummaged through my fabric collection and my Dollar Tree frame collection. Am I the only person to have one of these?


… and Voila!!


I played around with the flower embellishments and tried to make the frame fabric look worn on purpose. That’s why there are snags and lines etc. 

I have another REALLY cute Cracker Barrel project that I might save for this weekend! Hint: it involves mason jars. Swoon!

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