Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Kendall’s First Dentist Visit

Kendall had her first official dentist visit this past Wednesday. My aunt is my dental hygienist and cleans Chris and my teeth. I had taken Kendall once before to her to just get Kendall acclimated and it was unsuccessful. So being mom of the year I kept putting off taking her to the dentist for a full blown teeth cleaning.

I decided I wanted her to go to the most kid friendly dentist place available so I scheduled her at one of those pediatric dentist places. I had initially planned for Chris to take her solo. She acts more independent with him and he is more stern. She tends to cling to me more in unknown situations and I baby her. Ha!

So we started talking up the dentist a week prior to the visit. Every morning/night when I brushed her teeth we would talk about how the dentist will look at her teeth. I talked about how she is such a big girl and will do a great job! I wanted her to have a good understanding of how this would go down.

We went to Toys R Us the day before to pick out a special dentist gift for Kendall. She was told that this is the toy she would open AFTER her dental visit. We went in search for a Frozen Elsa doll (with no luck) and ended up with a horse toy set she picked out. So all night and all the next day before the visit we talked about her getting the horses after seeing the dentist.

The day of the dentist visit I had a change of heart. How could I not go? Chris picked her up from school and I met them there. Bad idea! She was so clingy and wouldn’t try the chair AT ALL.

I ended up having her in my lap and leaning her back into the dentists’ lap. Fortunately, the dentist was able to clean, somewhat inspect, and apply fluoride to K’s teeth, but it wasn’t without a struggle. Kendall is strong, ya’ll! She kept trying to pull the dentists’ hands out of her mouth and said things like, “Get off of me!"

Kendall’s teeth looked great! Praise the Lord! She told me to just be mindful about giving her sugar (been told that my whole life) and to start flossing. (Save me now!)

We left a LOT traumatized and in happy possession of our horse set. Smile


  1. "Get off of me!" Priceless!!! I am so fortunate that both boys love going to the dentist, I still hate it. :)

  2. Noah used to hate the dentist. I think he was about 5 or 6 when he started going without crying. At his last appointment he told me he didn't need me to go back with him and that I could wait in the waiting room. I was super sad. He's growing up =(

  3. Good planning mum.Sounds like the first visit for Kendall went well. Hope your aunt understood the necessity to go and visit with a kid's dentist. I think the prep work really paid off in the end.