Thursday, January 2, 2014

Our Post Christmas Overnight Date

The day after Christmas Chris and I went out of town on a little date. My mom gave us a getaway package as part of our Christmas. (Great gift MOM & DAD!!!)
We went to a town about an hour away (Frankfort) and stayed in a hotel. We went out to dinner, did some after Christmas sale shopping, and just enjoyed spending time together. He even took me to Waffle House (my favorite) the next morning! He was so sweet and I enjoyed time with my husband.
This little date was perfect for us! I feel like its so easy to put your marriage on the back burner when you have little ones and lots of things going on, but its so important to make it a priority.
I was telling Chris tonight how I think we should make date night, a minimum, of one night a month. Baby steps… but I think one night a month we need to just be a couple.
Of course we won’t stay in a hotel every month, but maybe K can spend the night across the street at Grandma’s.
How do you keep your marriage a priority? Do you and your husband ever go on overnight dates?


  1. What a great gift! My mom stayed with us for a few weeks in November. We don't really know many people here and I haven't wanted to hire a baby sitter for Emily since she is still so little. When my mom came I was finally able to go out and have a nice quiet dinner with my husband. It was wonderful! It was only for about two hours but we really needed that kid free time.

  2. OMG, I'd love this gift! Any time we ever get alone time we say we should do it once a month, but that never pans out. I wish! So we sit together on the couch after the boys go to bed at night holding hands and flirting. It's a little thing but it's so great for us. And he always gives me his first 20 minutes when he gets home from work and tells the boys he can't start playing with them until he's 'done flirting with your mother'. :) Makes me giggle every time. :)