Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Thrifty Tuesday: Breast Pump Style

Without getting all political on my blog, let me just say that there is one benefit of all this healthcare crap I actually appreciate and find important. Breastfeeding!

If you followed my blog back when Kendall was a babe, then you know I nursed her for 14 months. My goal was 6 months and then it just became so easy. Around 1 year I started weaning her but it took a few months. I am a huge breastfeeding advocate because I truly believe it is the best for baby and for mommy too. Plus you save a TON of money! And did I mention the weight loss?

So, of course, I intend to nurse Adley.

A few friends of mine had mentioned that they were able to score a breast pump for free via their insurance. I called my insurance (Humana) and sure enough, they will cover a breast pump at 100% up to a $200 value.

But don’t you have a breast pump? Yes, I do. I shelled out $300 for my Medela Pump in Style w/ tote before K was born. It was also my 3rd arm when I went back to work. And it is still in great shape. In fact, I just paid $15 to replace the tubing, valves, membranes, bottles, etc. BUT we pay a lot of money to have good insurance so I do not feel bad about getting another one for FREE! I know I will use them both!

If you’re pregnant, I highly advise you to call your insurance to check and see if they cover a breast pump. My insurance provided me a list of websites I could go to get one that is covered and I didn’t even have to pay shipping.

So that’s my thrifty deal for the week! I hope this was helpful for someone out there!


  1. I was so excited when my insurance covered one as well! And now that it's a new year they will cover another one so I can keep one at work and one at home :) yay!

  2. I didn't even think about getting a new one, mine is 5 years old and I bet won't work as good as a new one. Think I'll be making a phone call today! :)

  3. Oh, and I since I didn't pay for my last one either (insurance then too) I won't feel bad donating it to the hospital for someone who could use one. :)

  4. I had no idea that insurance companies now covered this!!