Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Thrifty Tuesday: Kendall’s Coloring Caddy

Kendall has a plethora of artistic options. Some of these options are kept hidden in our office. Example: PAINT! And some are kept out, since girlfriend has never really been one to get all Picasso on the walls. (Yet.)

Similar to her school, I am implementing organization with her things so she knows where her stuff is and where they need to go when she is done playing. I will have to elaborate more on this later. I am by no means finished with toy organization. In fact, it overwhelms me. Ha!

But, I believe in baby steps and I can control this!

Here I have created a little basket that is home to all Kendall’s coloring and handwriting needs.

Kendalls coloring caddy

I purchased a $1 plastic caddy from the Dollar Tree to hold everything. I used two large ziplocks to house coloring utensils and ALL the stickers! And then I found this cute apple sand toy for Kendall to use when she just wants a few crayons out. I also placed a plastic cup in the basket when it is necessary to have colored pencils on display.

So far the caddy has been a success. She knows where to find her things and it keeps me sane not having coloring stuff everywhere. No fancy art caddy or crayon box needed here! This cost me $1 considering I had everything else!

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  1. We have a similar system, love it! Keeps the mess in the cabinet down where we store their games and coloring stuff.