Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Thrifty Tuesday: Stockpiling for Baby

Thrifty Tuesday might become a weekly link up. I make no promises. I need to make sure I really am that thrifty. Ha!

My good friend Casey (who is also due with her second girl on March 27th) has me HOOKED on stockpiling baby supplies.


I signed up for -$2.00 Dreft coupons via. dreft.com and printed Pampers diapers/wipes coupons via coupons.com and pampers.com. Then I look for deals.

With Kendall I bought cases of diapers because I saw I got more than a jumbo pack. This time around I’m focusing on the best price per diaper.

Example: A few weeks ago Walgreens had 2 jumbo packs (aprox. 84 diapers for 2 size 1 packs) of Pampers for $18. Price per diaper $0.21. You also received $3 in Register Rewards and I had 2 (-1.50) coupons. So I got 2 packs/$12… $0.14 per diaper. Holla!


I made a little chart with goals in mind. I am not really using any logic on amounts/sizes, I just know I will use a lot and what I don’t use I will try to exchange/return so I am keeping receipts.

Did you stockpile before your babies?


  1. This is my first baby and I need to start stock piling but I dont know how many of what to get/what brand/etc...stresses me out thinking about it really! I bought a paper this sunday for coupons so I'm going to try to get on the ball with it before she's due in April. Any tips? Maybe your thriftiness will motivate me!

  2. nice work momma!
    luckily, working at a hospital, I get cases of Pampers diapers and wipes for ridiculously cheap but have yet to buy a case just bc I get a case of size 1s as part of the care package. (well, Pampers or a carseat but we already have two of those so might as well save some moolah on diapers!) however, they dont carry size 2s and 3s/4s are the Pampers Baby Dry (opposed to the Swaddlers or Cruisers) and they just arent as good of a quality in my opinion so I am gonna have to start getting 2-4s soon!

  3. I did buy lots of diapers. I bought Huggies because that's what I used with Noah. For some reason they didn't fit Emily the right way and they would leak when she was sleeping EVERY time. We switched to Pampers and they fit a lot better so I just had to exchange the diapers. However now the size 2 Pampers leak on her and Huggies don't so we've switched AGAIN lol. It's always something.
    One thing I did that I should not have done was remove all the tags from her cute baby clothes and wash everything. She only wore half of her stuff before it was all too small. I could have returned it =(

  4. I totally stockpiled before having babies. I've found though, that no matter what coupons I had, Sam's club had better prices for me here in Indianapolis. So, that takes the guesswork out of it.

    I'm so glad you're stocking up, you'll need them, and I cannot wait to see your baby girl!!