Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Grace and Exceptions

When reading my blog feed this morning I thought it was ironic that two of my favorite bloggers wrote about being a morning person today. I am a total morning person. I love getting up and being productive. Honestly, I am like that most of the day. I like tackling projects and checking things off my to do list.

Except when I'm almost 9 months pregnant.

That is an exception. Shay mentioned in the end of her post that there are exceptions. Being VERY pregnant with a 3 year old who needs lots of attention is my exception. Instead, you are just trying to survive. All that other stuff can just wait in my current season of life.

My house is messy today.

I have laundry to be folded.

I need to file a bunch of papers.

We might have a frozen pizza for dinner tonight.

I'd rather play Barbies or watch My Little Pony while holding Kendall's hand than do any of the above list. And that's okay.

1 comment:

  1. Yes!!! Go you! Your priorities sound like they are in the right place to me!