Thursday, February 13, 2014

Kendall's BIG Sister Class

Ladies and Gents, we have an EXCITED BIG SISTER on our hands! This past Tuesday evening we took Kendall to her own special class at the hospital. It was called New Baby in the Family and was geared towards 3 and 4 year old siblings. And it was perfect!

I had mentioned to her in the weeks leading up she would be going to a special class but it never really registered until Monday night. During our bedtime routine (cough struggle cough) I told her that after school on Tuesday we would go to her special big sister class and then get milkshakes. Obvs, the milkshakes were a bribe to get her to sleep, but you can bet she remembered that part the next morning. 

On Tuesday, she was SO excited! She woke up talking about her Big Sister Class and us going to get milkshakes. She even told her school teacher her plans!

I knew she was excited because she actually posed for a picture! This is Kendall in her "Awesome BIG Sister" top before we left the house!

Here she is hanging out in the hospital hallway waiting for Daddy to meet us there! I had taken a few pictures on my nice camera, but when I saw all the kids I figured I should stick with my phone so the flash didn't cause any attention!

Kendall was the only girl. All of the kiddos (except one unknown) are expecting baby sisters. The nurse gathered them on the floor and spoke to each child about their sibling for a brief minute. Kendall was so excited and so were the other boys!

She let every kid pick something out of the diaper bag and then she talked about what it was and how it would be used. She let each child demonstrate using the item. Here is Kendall practicing her bottle feeding skills with the model baby.

And here she is practicing the right way to hold a baby by supporting the head and body. Kendall was so cute and kept edging towards the teacher with each item. I can just imagine her thoughts about the items because she has so many baby  doll toys. 

I love that Kendall was the model for the newborn tee shirt! Ha!

And here is the only picture I got of Kendall and I. (Fail!) This was during the Sibling Silly Movie. Kendall found the graham cracker snacks being served during this time. Ha!

After the movie and before our tour, each child was awarded a BIG sister/brother certificate and sticker. 


It was fun touring the hospital with Kendall. The nurse told the kids that she needed to be the line leader. Kendall was right behind her the whole time. Ha! I was so happy when we got to the nursery because Kendall got to see real newborns. 

This was the perfect evening for Kendall and our family. I am so excited for Kendall to enter this new role and I cannot wait for the day Adley arrives. We are so blessed! I will treasure this class and evening with Kendall forever!

And yes we got milkshakes after the class! 

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  1. I love this! After Noah went to his big brother class he insisted on having a few newborn diapers to put on his stuffed animals so he could practice lol.