Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Kendall’s Room 2014

I'm kind of getting sick of blogging about my house but this is a fun one! In case you want to see the rest... 

This room makes me happy!


A fun little girl sleeps here 


I have some new wall art to put up somewhere in here but I'm just not sure where to put it or if we will rearrange furniture. Girlfriend has had to condense her toys into her room since the loss of her toy room. 


I love that it still reminds me of her nursery, but now it's a fun place that's all her own!


  1. It's so pretty! I love the canvas print on the wall!

  2. I'm totally jealous of how girly it is! Do not EVER take for granted having girls! I can't tell you how lucky you are to be able to have that special mother/daughter bond, and that you'll always have a girl friend in your daughter! I love her room! And like your house posts. :)