Monday, February 3, 2014

Month of Love!

Happy Day! We had a great, relaxing weekend at home and next month I"M HAVING A BABY! Crazy! Here's what we've been up to in the past few days via my phone.

Busting out the baby gear! Kendall is already a pro at putting Uno in her carseat.

She will practically be able to babysit by the time Adley arrives. I kid!

Friday night we had a little family date night! Staples and some frozen yogurt! Kendall is anti pictures these days, hence the frozen face!

We had an awesome weather day Saturday. It was 60 degrees! So naturally we spent some time on the trampoline. Chris and I cleaned out most of the garage too! Very successful day!

And Chris brought home a trophy from his 2012 hunting season. This is a big milestone in our marriage. That thing is hanging in the office and my husband is pretty excited. Considering my house is like 90% feminine and decorated how I decide, he can have that office wall. Go ahead. 

I also played around with car seat configuration in the Equinox. See again Kendall's "don't take a picture of me face!" I'm in the market to get K a new car seat. I want one of those transition to booster things. 

And we ended the evening with another family date. Penn Station subs and Lowes!

Sunday we were expected to get snow. (YUCK!) We had a super bowl party to attend. This was taken as we were dropping Kendall off at my parents. 

And this was our drive home about 5 hours later. Yikes!

We live on a big hill and Chris could not get our SUV up with the snow! SO here I am almost 8 months pregnant and walking in the snow. Thankfully I had a pair of gloves and Kendall's Hello Kitty hat in the car. Of course I took a selfie. Bahaha!

We ended up with about 4-6 inches. I'm so over this crap. Bring me SPRING!


  1. I want spring too! I live 2 hours from Chicago and I'm SO done with snow. We're bracing for another snow storm tonight =(
    She is going to be a great big sister! Noah loves being a big brother...a bit too much sometimes. I have to tell him all the time, "No you can not pick up the baby." This month will fly by and you'll have your new tiny baby! =)

  2. I'm over the bundling and being inside so much but I love the cold! I'm sooo glad I'm pregnant during the winter because I'm barely hot!

  3. Love love love it all!!! Everything in this post I love! Yay for having a baby next month!!!! Andy and I had mini panic attacks on Jan 1 when we said that, ha ha!!! So super excited for you guys!

    Guess who's car seat still isn't installed! Just ordered a new one last night, hoping and praying it's here by Monday so we can use it and not the old one (it's about to expire, thus needing a new one). But I think I have the configuration figured out, so that's good. :)