Friday, February 7, 2014

My House 2014: Kitchen

A few weeks ago when I hosted a party at my home, I took some pictures because it was clean. I then uploaded these pictures to a million blog drafts I never posted. So, to capture my home as it is now in 2014, I am going to post a series of posts about each room. :) 

A little back story on my house to new people around here. This is our second home we purchased as a married couple. We purchased it on a whim! It was a foreclosure on almost 2 acres of land nestled right across the street from my parents' home. You can see the original before/after post I did on our home HERE or by clicking on the NEW HOUSE label. You can also read about our first home by clicking on the OUR HOUSE label. 

What better room to begin this series with than the kitchen??? 

I love our open floor plan in this house. You are practically in four rooms when you walk in the door. I love our kitchen.


We have plans for new cabinets/counter tops down the road. I'm not a huge builder oak fan. 



My brother made us this beautiful island for Christmas. I LOVE it! 



  1. Cute kitchen! But I'm w/ you on the builder oak cabinets! We want to get new counter tops but are thinking of doing that counter painting/refinishing thing this spring just to get us by. Currently the counters are a cream color. I guess they aren't too bad looking, in great shape, but they are so blah, need/want a change.

    Have a great weekend!