Saturday, February 22, 2014

My House 2014: Master Bedroom

In case you missed my previous room posts... Kitchen, Dining Room, and Living Room.

I love our master bedroom. It is smaller than our first home and we only have a half bath, but I love that it is "our" room. I have broken my rule of only having couple pictures in the master, but other than that it's fairly simple and about us. I love showcasing our wedding photos. I have 3 in this room. DSC_0055

One of the biggest changes to this room we made was making a second closet before moving in. I don't think we could've managed with one closet. No freaking way!


I just realized how much our smoke detector sticks out. We recently changed every single one of them in our house to white. Thank goodness!


And of course we have a big TV. Ha! Most of our at home dates are us just hanging out, eating popcorn in bed, and watching a movie.

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