Monday, February 10, 2014

Pregnancy Take Two: Connecting with Baby

I wanted to sit down and write about some pregnancy thoughts I'm having the second time around. I am so blessed to be having a second baby and a healthy, problem-free pregnancy. I really enjoy being pregnant and could see myself doing this again. I will let you know if that changes after the baby is born. Ha!

One of the things I LOVE about keeping this blog is I can look back on so many things in my life. I documented my entire pregnancy with Kendall and I have enjoyed comparing the two. I thought it would be fun to reference some of those posts and compare to how I am feeling now. This may take me a few days but I will be so happy I took the time to do this.

Let's start with the sappy...
Somewhere around the end of the second trimester I wrote THIS POST about a mother's love and a pregnancy dream I had.

I don't think you can prepare for the emotions you experience while pregnant and when you meet your baby. It's indescribable. The love I have for Kendall and Adley amazes me. It is truly a gift from God to be a mother.
With that being said, it's different the second time around. Mainly because I have a child this time while pregnant. I thought about my baby every single second while pregnant with Kendall because I had a lot more free time. Ha! This time around I have to remind myself to relax and just feel the baby. I think nesting and connecting with the baby started later because of these things.

Also, there is this guilt. In my heart, I know I will love this baby just as much as I love Kendall. I know I will feel it instantly, because I already have so much love for Adley. But, she isn't here and Kendall is. And EVERYONE keeps telling me about how much Kendall's life will change. I get this. I do. And it makes me feel guilty.

But then I quickly remind myself that I am giving Kendall the gift of a sibling. A built in best friend. A sister. And I don't feel so bad anymore. I know there will be an adjustment, but it will be great.

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  1. You're going to be amazing. Kendall will have an adjustment period I'm sure, but she'll be a wonderful big sis I'm guessing! Enjoy having only one, the days are shorter with two, I swear!