Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Thrifty Tuesday: DIY Pantry and Where Our Food Goes

I do not have a pantry but I do have a shoe organizer hanging up in laundry nook. Smile I have raved about this pinterest idea before but I really can’t say enough about the genius who thought of this. I use another shoe organizer for K’s Barbies in her room too.

I store all my mixes and our go to snacks in this thing. This way I don’t have a bunch of granola bar boxes or apple sauce pouches crowding up my limited food cabinet space!


Just for fun, and because I like to be nosy and see how people organize their crap too… here is a look at where we put our food.

I LOVE my fridge!

I love having 3 compartments.

The middle drawer is great for produce, water bottles, or a sheet cake when you’re about to throw a party! Ha!


Food Cabinets

It ain’t pretty but here it is…


And canned goods are somewhere behind the chips and cereal boxes. I curse every time I open this thing and crap falls out. Whatever. Ha!

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  1. Whatever. Ha! <---- love it! :)

    I have done a really great job of keeping my pantry organized .... until this last week. I told Andy when we were putting groceries away last night that we obviously need to start eating the food we are buying b/c our pantry is PACKED. Not sure what with, time to take inventory and try to organize it again. :) All my nesting today would have been a good time to do this. Guess I still have 3 days this week plus the weekend to get it done, right? :)