Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014!

We celebrated V-day all week long! I just love this holiday. Not for the romance (but that is fun too), but it's just one of those fun holidays to share with your little ones and husband. We don't buy expensive gifts or make special reservations for 2, we celebrate it as a family!

I have been dying to make a heart cake with Kendall. I bought a Pink Velvet cake mix and we went to town!

Kendall overloaded the cake with sprinkles. Why not? :)

Thursday was going great until daycare called saying Kendall had a 101 temp! She was fine that morning! Poor thing must've had a 24 hour bug because she was icky Valentine's morning but it was gone by dinner! 
My mom sent me this picture of Kendall sleeping with Wilson watching her. She said he is so protective.

I immediately looked up this picture on facebook from one of Kendall's first days at home where Wilson is watching over her! It made me cry! He sure does love her!

By the time our family was reunited Friday evening, it was time for gifts! I requested a new body pillow, chocolates, and flowers. Kendall got flowers and a stuffed Monkey from daddy. 

I got my Valentines some gifts too. 

A new polo and a hunting magazine subscription for the hubs and a few toys and a stuffed unicorn for Kendall.

We decided to make reservations at White Castle this year. Ha! The last time we did this was in 2010 when I was pregnant with Kendall and didn't know it! 

They make everything so fancy! ;)

My husband

My daughter and I... she was so thrilled to take a picture

And then someone's unicorn knocked the flowers over and water went everywhere. We simply can't do anything nice. Hahahaha

Group shot. Not going to lie... Kendall looks the best in this photo (as usual) I look like a cow. Stripes and this angle are not my friend. 

Another great V-day in the books! How did you celebrate?


  1. Ya'll are so cute! That cake is awesome, I'll have to make one next Valentine's day! :)

  2. Cute celebration! I think you look great but I too hate myself in stripes, and yet I keep buying shirts that have them.