Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekend Fun

We had such a wonderful weekend spending time together as a family. For some reason, I have been really sentimental about our family dynamics changing. I am so excited and in love with sweet Adley in my belly but there is this piece of me that is mourning the loss of my family of three. I know it's silly, and I probably won't even look back because we will have this new family member and new love in our lives, I just am trying to soak up these last few weeks.

I am also soaking up salt. Swelling has started. These are my legs all propped up Friday night. I also have been explaining to Kendall why I can't hold her or pick her up as much. I told her my back hurt one day and asked if she would pick something up off the floor for me, so now she asks me all the time if my back still hurts. 

She also asked me how I knew there was a baby in my belly this morning on the way to school. I told her I was feeling tired and a little sick so the doctor told me there was a baby in there. Ha!

It was 60 degrees in Louisville on Saturday. Beautiful!! Kendall got to spend some time on the trampoline and Chris washed my car. I enjoyed watching the people I love. :)

Kendall also got some bike practice in. She did so good! She rode it over to Grandma's house (across the street) and didn't ask once to stop!

Saturday night we went downtown to hit up the Kentucky Science Museum. It's $5 after 5pm and we thought it would be something fun for Kendall. We parked by the Louisville Slugger Museum. It's dark, but Kendall was cheesing so big with her daddy!

We only spent a little over an hour at the museum. They had some fun play areas and it wasn't very crowded so that was nice. The exhibits were a little boring for Chris and I and that says a lot coming from educators! Actually it's just a little grown up for Kendall. 

She did enjoy getting in a big bubble. 

Shopping in the shape shop! (Hello Germs!)

Kendall can now rob a bank if it has laser beam security.

 It was a fun time and well worth $5. I can't imagine going on a busy Saturday during the day. It was fun to try something different! Maybe we will try bowling next!

Sunday was a fun shopping day! We bought new lights for several rooms in our house. This is long overdue. The two main rooms in our home (kitchen and living room) will still host gawdy gold lights until summer. We are wanting to install recessing lighting and Chris will have to get in the attic to redo some wiring to center the lights in those rooms. I just love having a handy husband and I love upgrading things in our home!

I'm super obsessed with dainty newborn gowns like this and sibling outfits. Instead of blowing all my $$$ on this stuff, I thought I'd get a little creative this weekend.

The dress Kendall is modeling needs some work. It's not even in the back and I think the white top was a little big. I think I can make it right. I also want to add embellishments and then make Adley a matching baby sized one. I am going to have so much fun dressing these two little ladies. 

Speaking of clothes! I think I might have Kendall's spring and summer wardrobe complete. I don't have anyone I can borrow hand me downs from and I usually wait to shop consignment sales, but this year I have just been buying a little at a time. Plus my mom loves to spoil Kendall as well! All she needs is some spring/summer shoes and more dresses and she's good!
FYI those tops and shorts are $4 at Target this week PLUS there is a circo Cartwheel!

We ended the weekend at my in-laws. W hadn't seen them in a few weeks and they made us a nice dinner! My father in law started chemo two weeks ago and is doing well. Kendall enjoyed spending time with her grandparents and we had a great time visiting!

How was your weekend? Do anything fun?


  1. we are ankle/foot twins! ha! that is exactly how mine look from sun up to sun down.
    I am uber jealous of your amazing weather. MN winter is killing me. I cant wait to take Marissa out for a bike ride. she just figured out how to peddle forward on her little trike last week. (in our little house!)
    i know i said it on IG but seriosly those gowns/dresses... I DIE!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend, I'm jealous of your weather!

    Glad you are trying to get in as much 'family of 3' time as possible, Adley will make a great addition to your family but change it forever (in the best way!).

    Ugh, your poor piggie toes!!! I feel so bad for you, that doesn't feel great, does it? I hope Chris rubs your feet for you tonight!

  3. What a great weekend! That weather sounds wonderful. I'm jealous!
    We just celebrated Lexie's birthday all weekend!
    I can't wait to read your baby news!