Monday, March 17, 2014

36 Weeks, Date Night, and Wacky Weather!

Greetings! Happy Monday! This week could be the last week I’m pregnant! Fingers crossed! We are so ready to meet Miss Adley!

My mom and Kendall accompanied me to my 38 week OB appointment. I had a growth ultrasound scheduled and they were both able to check out Adley with me!

Here we are waiting in the ultrasound waiting area.

Jan-March 2014 Iphone 208

My mom sent me this picture of K while they were waiting for me to be done with my doctor. :)

Jan-March 2014 Iphone 209

Miss Adley is doing great! She is measuring 8 pounds and looks healthy! She is sunny side up (posterior) and head down. The tech let us see Adley in 3d and ti was so cool. Adley is all smashed against my uterus but I love her chubby cheeks and look at those lips. I have a feeling little sis is going to resemble her big sister! We asked if she could tell if she had any hair, but Adley was too far down in my pelvis to see hair follicles.

 Jan-March 2014 Iphone 214  

We discussed induction and think that might be the way we go. So as it stands I won’t be pregnant until my due date, unless Adley makes her appearance sooner!

Friday night, Chris and I went on our last date before baby #2. My mom snapped this blurry photo before we left. Here we are with Adley. :)

Jan-March 2014 Iphone 224

We didn’t do anything to crazy. We had dinner at Olive Garden, did a little last minute shopping at Target, and I got a chocolate milkshake on the way home. Ha! We contemplated a movie, but its hard to enjoy those these days when you pee every 5 minutes!

Saturday we had BEAUTIFUL weather! We went to lunch as a family and then came home and chilled out. Chris’s team had their first baseball game (and they won!) but we didn’t go.

I’m loving this picture of Kendall jumping!

October 2013 - March 2014 334 

My mom took me out for mani/pedi that afternoon and it was so wonderful! I did something fun with my nails!

Jan-March 2014 Iphone 234

Sunday was another lazy day. We spent the morning in bed as a family. I made homemade donuts and we caught up on the news (WHERE is that PLANE?), My Little Pony, and powerpoints. Ha!

Jan-March 2014 Iphone 232 

We went out to lunch and did some family grocery shopping. I am LOVING having my husband accompany me to the grocery! Later that night, we had a repeat of our morning. Chris doing school work, watching more missing plane coverage, and we created Ponyville and played princesses on the ottoman.

Jan-March 2014 Iphone 241 

Oh, and it snowed. What’s the deal with this weather? It was seriously 70 degrees and sunny on Saturday and then snowing Sunday afternoon. Over it!

Jan-March 2014 Iphone 239

I’m ready for spring and this baby girl to make her appearance!


  1. What a great weekend!! Maybe your last one before Adley arrives?!? So exciting!

  2. so excited for you! I can not wait for Adley's arrival and to see the comparission between her and Kendall!
    I had my growth US today and baby A is also way too low to check for hair! Im praying she has a lot... especially with this disgusting heartburn and reflux I have had the whole time!

  3. I think that pic of A looks like K! So cool!

    You look so darn good! I love that you guys got to go on a date before life gets a little crazy (just for a bit, tho!). Olive Garden sounds so yummy right now!

    I'm tired of this yo-yo weather!

  4. It's great you got some relaxing fun in before the baby comes =) I LOVE that ottoman!!! Can't wait to see cute baby pics!