Thursday, March 13, 2014

38 Weeks and Happy!

This week has been going great! It's been a slow week for me because I am anticipating Adley's growth ultrasound and 38 week appointment tomorrow morning. I can't wait to see my girl and see how she is growing. My mom is going to go with me to the ultrasound. 
It's also crazy to think this could be my last prenatal appointment. Adley could come at anytime now and they wouldn't stop it! 
I'm feeling pretty good this week. I am starting to swell in my hands and feet and I feel very large. Sleeping is getting rough. I wake up every hour to switch sides and pee. However, when I sleep I sleep so hard! I have enjoyed being pregnant a second time, but I'm ready to get my body back. That's for sure!

I'm also thankful for the slowness because a) I'm forever pregnant and kind of slow, and b) I'm soaking up the evenings with my big girl!

We were lucky to have some great weather Monday and Tuesday. So of course we had ice cream...

And Kendall did some jumping! 

I play Pandora kids songs for her while she jumps and we have such a great time. I took some great pictures with my dslr camera but it's packed with my hospital bags. 

Girlfriend took her shoes off and chased Wilson around the yard for awhile. We are going to have so much fun in our backyard this summer. It is fun to think I will be holding a baby while K frolics around! 

I got my hair done. So Adley is free to make her appearance anytime now. 

Sorry for the lack of smiling. I am going to miss this pregnancy hair. I love curling it and it feels so full. If I have weird postpartum hair like last time, I will get it cut short. 

I also put the infant carseat in and switched K to a new spot in my suv. I got sick of waiting on Chris to do it. He was all, "we'll just put it in before we leave for the hospital." MEN!

And I leave you with this pic of K at 6/7 months. #tbt 
I cannot express how happy I feel these days about this season in our lives. I am getting so excited about meeting Adley and getting to know her outside of my belly. It's hard for me to imagine that I will have this little baby with a different personality than Kendall. I am so blessed this is my life!


  1. I love your hair curled!

    Can't wait to hear all about your US tomorrow - pls send a text!

  2. I love everything about this post! Kendall is such a sweetheart!