Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Adley’s Birth Story

On Friday March 21st, I had to call the hospital at 5 am to see if they had a bed available for my induction. I was up at 3 am! I took shower, fixed my hair, and had my makeup all done by 4:50 am! I called and they instructed me to be there by 8:15. We were going to have a baby today!

I let Chris and Kendall sleep in, but texted my mom to let her know when we would be leaving. We decided to let Kendall sleep in. I cried kissing her goodbye in bed, but I’m glad she stayed asleep because it was going to be a long day. My dad stayed in our house while she slept, and Chris, my mom, and I were headed to the hospital.

We were taken into a room right away. I was given a gown and they asked me questions. We met our nurse and just waited for things to begin. Around 9 am the nurse came in to start me on Pitocin. I requested a stability ball to hang out on and that was fun. I knew I would be in bed all day so it was nice to sit up for a bit. They kept having to come in and adjust the monitor belt because Adley was moving like crazy, and so was I. Ha!


It really wasn’t that bad starting out. I wasn’t really feeling contractions at all at this point. I was around 3 cm and 75% effaced when I came in and was slowly making progress.


Around 11 am, my doctor came in to see me and said she wanted to break my water. I got a little nervous because I knew that meant no turning back and also painful contractions. Her response was, “you came here to have a baby, so let’s do it!”

As expected once my water was broken I began feeling the contractions and they were getting stronger. They weren’t unbearable but I went ahead and requested the epidural. No sense in being in pain in my opinion. I like to save my energy for pushing!

At around noon I got my epidural. I could’ve kissed that anesthesiologist! I felt awesome throughout the rest of labor and delivery!!

Around 1 I was at 5cm and I knew something was up because a few nurses were also in there. Adley’s heart rate was dropping during contractions. They turned off my pitocin because my body was also triggering contractions at this point and she was getting stressed during them. So I had to wear oxygen and turn on my sides for a little bit.DSC_0174

Within the next hour things really picked up! I went from 5cm – 8cm in no time! The nurse moved the bed so I was sitting upright and my legs were lower than my hips so Adley would hopefully move down more into position. At this point, I began feeling a little nauseous. Thank you Zofran! The nurse said a lot of people get sick when their bodies dilate so quickly!


Sitting upright really helped because around 3 I was at 9/10 cm and Adley was at Zero station. They had me lay on my side again to get her to turn or whatever? Who knows? I was chilling, really. My epidural was awesome.

A little after 3 we facetimed with Kendall. It was so nice to hear and see her. She was at the hospital waiting room with my dad and siblings. We contemplated her coming back to see me. I didn’t want her to freak out when she saw me in that state. I decided she could and I would distract her by giving her the Applejack Little pony doll I had bought her.She came in around 4 and it really got me motivated to push! I was about to meet my other little lady!!!DSC_0177DSC_0187

At 4:30 it was time to push! The nurse said I would push for about 45 minutes and she was exactly right. I have heard stories of people pushing for a long time and I can’t relate. Ha! I was in no pain and pushing was a breeze. I closed my eyes, remembered to breathe, and just pictured my sweet baby coming out.


At one point, things started moving really quickly. More nurses came in to set up. It was still surreal to me in this moment. I could feel the pressure and knew my baby was coming, but it was still surreal that I was having a baby. That I was meeting this new addition to our family. Our sweet Adley.

I was pushing really good because they told me to stop. Thank goodness my doctor was right outside the delivery room. My nurse peeked out the door with a look of panic for my doctor to hurry. While she suited up to deliver, another nurse told me not to cough, sneeze, or laugh. Haha

A few successful pushes later and Miss Adley Kate entered the world at 5:12 pm. She was perfect. DSC_0201

I had tears of joy. I could not believe she was mine. My sweet girl was laid on my chest and I just loved on her. I was so in love! I never really knew what to expect when I delivered my second baby. I really wondered if people love their other children as much as their first. (Spoken from a first born – ha!) And when she was born, I just got what everyone said. Your heart gets bigger. You just do. You feel the same way you did with your first. I think maybe even a little stronger because you know how precious your children are and how much joy and happiness they add to your life. DSC_0194


8 pounds, 11 oz, and 20 1/4 long

and BLONDE hair ya’ll!!!


We recovered for a long time. I LOVE kangaroo care (skin to skin). She was a great nurser from birth and very healthy in the diaper department because she had a BM almost immediately on her momma, if that’s not a sign of the future I don’t know what is!


Thank you so much for the congrats! We are so happy and in love with Adley! I have lots of pictures and stories to share about Adley meeting Kendall and our first few days home!



  1. What a beautiful birth story! I'm so happy Miss Adley is a healthy baby! Congratulations.

  2. I just took the biggest, happiest sigh when I finished reading this! I am so so happy for you! I love how much you love your girls, you are the perfect momma! I love this story, sounds amazing and makes me want to do it all over again! Great pics! Congrats, friend!

  3. She is just beautiful!!!! I am so jealous of the skin to skin!! My first was an emergency c-section born at 31 weeks and my second was a scheduled c-section but I had my tubes tied so I had to have that done right after she was born, so I never experienced that right after birth!!

  4. Awww =)
    What a great story. I love that Kendall was able to come in and see you just a while before Adley was born. Skin to skin is the best. I had this thing called a NuRoo Pocket. It's made for skin to skin contact with your baby. Emily loved being snuggled inside it during the day. It's super comfy too.

  5. Love this! So glad everything went well and y'all are enjoying your new addition! Xo