Monday, March 10, 2014

Another GREAT weekend in the books!

Our weekends of a family of 3 are coming to an end so we are living it up!

Thursday night Kendall wanted to wear curlers to bed, so I happily obliged. Then she wanted to wear a dress to school!
Girlfriend was stylin' on Friday!

We had a quiet evening at home. I caught up with my DVR and ate a bowl of cereal for dinner. 

Saturday we convinced Chris to take us to Waffle House for breakfast and then accompany us grocery shopping. I usually spend less money when I take him but this was not the case!

Kendall and I attended a pampered chef party and then met up with Chris at the baseball field that evening. His team had a cookout at the ball field and it was nice to meet some of the moms. They all wanted to talk about Kendall and my belly. :)

We didn't leave the house Sunday and it was wonderful! Chris's parents came over and brought some gifts from his other family for Adley. 

I was able to do all of our laundry which will last 5 minutes. Ha! Am I the only person overwhelmed by laundry? And it's only going to get worse. My husband is the culprit - his clothes get so stinky at baseball!


  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend!!!

    I'm with you on the laundry! My laundry NEVER stops at my house, and it drives me bonkers! I cannot wait until Kate can have her laundry washed with ours, because that will lessen the dozens of different loads that we do on a weekly basis. I don't mind washing, drying, folding, but putting them away!!! That is my worst enemy! I have about 3 loads to put away tonight, eeks!

  2. Kendall looked so cute all dressed up with her curls!

    And yes, laundry BLOWS! But if it makes you feel better...I didn't really see a huge difference once we had Norah!

  3. That pic of you 2 girls is great, you both look so good!

    Uh, yes, I'm drowning in laundry! Andy even noticed. One day he said "It seems like you're buried under laundry, are you ever going to be done?" The answer is yes, when Tate is 18 and moved to college! :) I don't mnind doing laundry at all, just hate putting it away. Luckily the boys can both put their own away so that helps quite a bit.

    I hope this week flies by to Friday for your US!