Thursday, March 6, 2014

Home Tour 2014 Commences!

I'd like to give a few notable shout outs to some other rooms in my house. Two you will not see are the master half bath and our office. One is nothing special and the other is a disaster area at the moment. 

First shout out goes to my laundry closet. I once hated not having a laundry room, but I kind of love the convenience of it being so accessible. In due time I will have a nice Pinterest worthy laundry room!


Secondly, our main bathroom. It's small, has a shell sink, and needs a towel rod... but it works. It's also in a weird spot on the floorplace. The door is like in the living room. I've learned to love it because I can see Kendall playing while I take a shower. Ha!


Thanks for bearing with me while I shared my home. This blog is my diary/baby books/photo album and I love looking back on our life. By no means am I trying to complain about my house or brag about my house. I just want to look back and see what our home was like in this season of life. 


  1. I kind of like that the washer/dryer is in your kitchen! Mine is in our basement...yuck. I hate hate hate walking from the second floor to the first floor to the basement to do the laundry.

  2. I've loved seeing your house tour! If my house is ever clean sometime, I will do a tour also!!! Maybe that would give me some motivation to clean my room??