Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pregnancy Take Two: Packing the Hospital Bag

With Kendall, I had our bags packed and carseat installed before 35 weeks. See my hospital bag post here. 

This time around ? I just packed them at almost 37 weeks. And the carseat is not installed. In my defense, it's been very cold and the backseat needs to be vacuumed because it's like a goldfish and lucky charms graveyard at the moment. So hopefully we will clean the car out and install both seats this weekend with the promise of warmer temps!

Back to the bags... I did a little research this time around. Because I've never had a baby before. No, because I just forgot.

I remember with Kendall I packed too much for me and ended up wearing the hospital gown most of the time. I didn't want to get my nice things ruined. Plus the hospital has every thing you need to care for you (the momma) after birth.

If I remember correctly, they had everything I needed for Kendall too. I even kept her in the little white top most of the time because it was easier for her to be handled that way.

So I looked up a few lists on Pinterest and made this list.

Personal items are sitting in a bag on my bathroom vanity to be grabbed quickly if need be. And my body pillow is a necessity. Ha!
I have my bag, diaper bag, Kendall's Big Sister bag, and the camera bag all sitting with the Boppy in the crib ready to go.

How did you pack for the hospital the second time around?


  1. this is on my to-do list this weekend!
    I hated the gown-like thing they have here for babies so this time I am bringing my own gowns plus the going home outfit for A. for myself I am bringing my favorite UA sweats and a couple bigger tees and jammies. if I bleed as much as I did last time tho, I will just stick to the hosptial gown and no pants! besides my few necessities (toothbrush, deodorant etc) I am just bringing our own pacis (i loathe those ugly soothie ones hospitals give), a big sister gift, my CamelBak water bottle that I cant live without, oh and stuff for J! ;) Marissas bag will have all her necessities plus her gift for baby sister that she picked out.

  2. I actually packed more regular clothes to wear at the hospital this time, the opposite of you! :)

  3. You got it right, girl! That's how I packed for #2, #3, and #4!