Friday, March 7, 2014

Show Us Your Life: Awkward Photos

I could not wait to link up with Kelly today for awkward photos. You're too serious and must lead a boring life if you can't laugh at yourself!
Plus I'm trying to deflect my thoughts from weighing my 37 week pregnant body this morning! Yikes!

Carrying on...

My awkward photos share a theme. Hair.

I had a great start in life in regards to hair. Blessed with a lot of it. Slowly over the course of my first year on earth, it turned blonde, and it was awesome.

I could rock that side pony like no other!!

But then puberty happened and I chopped my hair off. Enter frizz and the lack of curly hair knowledge.

This is what I refer to as triangle head.

Why? Why?

Is that my dads shirt?

Yes. That is me in an orange sunflower Easter dress, wearing a windbreaker, and taking my slip off at my grandmas house after church. I WISH you could see the clear sparkly jellies I was wearing with heels.

However, there was redemption. It was in the form of hair dye and a flat iron. I even went on to win a Marilyn Monroe lip print contest at a Mary Kay party.


  1. These are awesome! Love the hair!!!! The Marilyn Monroe picture is the best.

  2. Jellies!!! I loved jellies! So cute...but gave me awful blisters lol

  3. Love the pictures. Why were you taking off your slip?