Sunday, April 13, 2014

Adley’s Sip ‘n’ See

This weekend was Adley’s debut! My mom hosted a Sip ‘n’ See for Miss Adley Kate!


My girls pre-party

April 2014 051

Kendall was so excited! I purchased all 3 of us new dresses and accessories and we color coordinated!

April 2014 054

The guest of honor snoozing away before the fun began!

April 2014 055

The beverage choices! I’m loving that mason jar drink dispenser my mom got from Wal-Mart.

April 2014 056

I will have to share this yummy drink recipe later.

April 2014 057 April 2014 058

The food spread. My mom throws the best parties and has the perfect kitchen island for buffets!

April 2014 059

Everyone getting some Adley time!

April 2014 060 April 2014 065 April 2014 066 April 2014 067

I love this picture and my friend Tara and I. This sums up our friendship. Ha! We are looking and talking about Adley’s belly button.

April 2014 072

Entry way

April 2014 076

This sums up my whole heart (minus Chris of course – love you too, hun!)April 2014 080 April 2014 081

All the ladies! Grandma is the best!

April 2014 084

Aunt Amanda and Adley

April 2014 087

My tired big girl! She still fits in my lap! Ha!

April 2014 089

It was a special and intimate event! I was so tickled to celebrate Adley!


  1. You have two beautiful girls! Congrats!

  2. What a fun little party! It looks like everyone is enjoying Adley =)

  3. It looks amazing! That spread, yum! And I'm with you, love that mason jar drink dispenser. I've been eyeing those at WalMart, thinking of getting one for myself. :)