Tuesday, April 1, 2014

All that worry for nothing…

If you read my blog posts prior to Adley’s birth, then you probably sensed my concern about Kendall when bringing a new baby into the world. Now that I am on the other side, and I have this beautiful baby girl I feel like has always been in our family, I feel very differently. Kendall is fine. Adley is fine. Our life is BETTER! :) Everyone was right. I don’t mourn for out family of 3, because we are going to have so much fun as a family of 4. We already are!


We wanted Kendall and Adley’s first meet to be an intimate moment for our family. We didn’t want anyone else in the room and the baby wasn't in the room when she came back. So the evening after Adley was born, the girls met face to face. :)

Check out Kendall’s face.

March 2014 072 

Not impressed. I think it was just difficult for her to see me in the hospital bed. She didn’t understand why I was in the bed. She didn’t like the IV coming out of my hand. And she didn’t like what I was wearing. Her exact words were, “Where are your clothes?”

It broke my heart because I wanted a big hug and kiss and to love on her, but I knew she just needed a minute. And she’s 3 for goodness sake!

When Adley was brought in from the nursery, Kendall was very excited. She had already watched Adley have her first bath through the nursery window with her grandparents and I think that was the perfect transition into meeting the baby in person.

March 2014 074  

She asked if she could touch her and she got really close to her face. ANd that was it. We didn’t push any other interaction because we didn’t want to overwhelm Kendall. Adley was a trooper. Ha!

The next evening, my mom brought Kendall up to the hospital to visit. She didn’t want to come. I made sure to be sitting on the couch when she got there so she would come up to me. Also, I made sure I was out of the hospital bed and my IV was out. Ha.

Adley and Kendall exchanged their gifts (sort of) and Kendall was in MLP (My Little Pony) heaven playing on mommy’s bed.

March 2014 084

Girlfriend ate my carrot cake too.

March 2014 090  

March 2014 095

This is my most favorite picture from the hospital. Kendall asks if she can “pet” Adley. It’s funny, but I do keep telling her she can “touch” her.

March 2014 102

Little sister just loves Kendall. She follows her voice wherever she is in the room. It is so precious!

March 2014 107 

I just know these sweet girls of mine are going to be the sweetest friends and sisters. They don’t even know what fun is ahead for them and our family.

Adley Kate Ryan 3-21-14 004

I love them both so much!


  1. I love this! She will be a great big sister =)
    I love how she's looking at her sister in the bassinet photo. I'm so happy for you all!

  2. Aw, I love this! So sweet! And I hate to say this, but, I TOLD YOU SO! :) You are right, they are going to be best friends for life, how lucky they are! And they will have epic battles, too, so enjoy the sweetness of them together now!

  3. Your favorite hospital pic is to DIE for! So cute! xo