Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easter Basket Blog Hop

I haven’t participated in a link up in forever so when I saw this Easter Basket link up I couldn’t resist!

This years Easter baskets are brought to you courtesy of Amazon and Target. Ha!



I’m a fan of fun and practical Easter baskets so thats why there are a few tops included. Plus clothes are still fun at this age to receive. The rest of the contents include candy (of course!), a foldable pony case, pony coloring book and pencils, and more candy. Also, there is a Precious Moments bible. Kendall needs a bible and I thought this one was too sweet. Plus it reminds me of the Precious Moments bible I had (and still have) as a little girl.



Since she’s not even a month old, I scaled back on the candy for her basket. She gets that via mommy’s milk. Ha! Her basket includes a giraffe crinkle/teeth toy, a crinkle toy, a cute dress, and a bunny. Also see the Elephant teething toy. Kendall had the Sophie the giraffe and loved it, but I wanted Adley to have a different animal so she gets Kiki the elephant. Best teething toys ever!

Misc. Easter loot


We have 2 Easter dinners to attend this year and Kendall has 2 boy cousins close to her age so I make sure to have something for all the kids to play with at Easter.

I can’t wait for my girls to get their baskets. I have so much fun putting them together!


  1. I didn't even know Sophie had a cousin named Kiki! I like elephants better than giraffe's so might have to check that one out for baby girl! Thanks for linking up Shelli!

  2. Visiting from the link up. Adorable ideas! Very cute!

  3. I like to do clothing in baskets too :) Fun AND practical!

  4. I wanted to get Tate Sophie but was shocked at the price so skipped it. *cheap mom*

    Looks like fun baskets, the girls will love them! Love the butterfly/bug nets! Cool find!

  5. A precious moments Bible is a great idea!! I had that bible as a little girl as well!!

  6. I had to do a baby basket for my little one too. I was tempted to throw some candy in there for her via "mommy" too. ;)
    ~Valerie /