Monday, April 7, 2014

Moving right along...

We are taking this family of 4 business in stride these days. We had a beautiful weekend at home.

Friday Kendall stayed home with us and I dressed the girls up in matching shirts. I'm so happy Kendall loves her sister!

Saturday I busted out the moby wrap! Adley went right to sleep. I'm considering purchasing an Ergo carrier in the future. I want to make sure Adley will like being carried though... She gets so hot when she is up next to me but I could picture it being great for outings as a family.

And because I never talk about him. Chris's baseball team won their spring break tournament on Saturday. And then UK won their final 4 game. So he took all is girls out to eat Saturday night. That was pretty fun!

Adley all dolled up for visitors on Sunday!

My aunt Laura came over and brought the girls presents. My BFF Tara and Kendall's BFF brought us lunch and played with us! It was so fun talking and visiting with people! I forget what adult interaction is like!

Beware this isn't the most flattering picture of moi. But we are in my matching maternity pjs. It is crucial I get a picture with all my babies in it. Ha!

This morning I thought it would be a good idea to get both girls ready and head out by myself. We left the house by 11 am. Ha! We dropped K off at school and then Adley and I went to Kroger for a few items. And then we had monsoon rain. Fail. Now I'm worn out and ready for my daily nap with Adley. I love maternity leave!


  1. I have a Baby Bjorn and Tate doesn't really love it. Not sure if he's too squished or what. Don't want to spend the money on an Ergo if he wo't like that either so guess my baby wearing dreams are over. :(

  2. I love that you have matching pjs!!! Emily loved being carried as a newborn and then for a while she HATED it. She hated anytime she was restricted in any way. Now she'll happily sit in my ring sling while I do stuff around the house. Your girls are so cute!