Friday, May 2, 2014

Iphone Picture Tales

I bought some learning books from my stomping grounds (Dollar Tree) and Kendall loves practicing her skills!

Here she is tracing…


And how cute are her snowmen? I die!


Adley wore her first pair of legwarmers! I just love putting those chunky legs in legwarmers!


Sunday we visited my parents lake house construction site. We had so much fun. The house has been framed so we were able to walk around and envision what it will look like. Kendall loved it. They were so tired! I have a feeling I will have lots of these pictures coming home from the lake in the near future. :)


I finally captured a smile! Adley has been smiling and making cute baby sounds and I try to get them on camera and usually fail. My sweet baby girl is such a happy baby!


I just love when Kendall asks to hold her sister!


I posted this pic on all my social media accounts this week. I just want to bottle up this age! Kendall has so much imagination and is so darn cute these days!


Adley snuggles in bed with me after her early morning feedings most days. I had to get up but I left her (safely!) in the middle of the bed. Then I noticed her little foot poking out of her sleeper. Ha! I just love squishy newborns!


Oh, here’s me! I attended an education recruitment fair this past week and I looked hot! Ha! It was nice to get dressed up for something. Chris will have to take me out on a date soon!


Chris ha baseball during my event, so my mom watched the girls. She took this cute picture. I love that Adley is smiling and then you see Kendall smiling in the background. So fun!



  1. Those leg warmers are adorable!!! Emily has the onsie in the last picture =)
    I never get dressed for real anymore lol Okay OCCASIONALLY I put on makeup and blow dry my hair. Usually when we leave the house Emily looks adorable and I look like I could use a nap! She's teething so bad and it's making her wake up a billion times at night. I need some sleep!