Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mothers Day Weekend and the Sickies

Happy Tuesday!

I'm still recovering from a wonderful weekend! We had a busy weekend (like always) but it was a great time spent with each other and people we love most!

On Mother's Day, we went to my brother church and they had a special muffin breakfast for moms. Afterwards we went out to lunch with my family. Later, we went to Chris's parents house for a cookout. The girls were wiped out and slept in until almost 10 am Monday morning!

I love these two girls more than I can put into words. I would not trade a single second with these girls, good or bad, they are my world! I am so blessed God chose me to be their mommy!

Allergies are also in full swing around here. Poor Kendall's nose is a faucet and sweet Adley is congested too. It breaks my heart when my babies don't feel well. I'm especially cautious of Adley because she is not even 2 months old. I keep suctioning her nose and examining the color of her snot like it's my job. Oh, the joys of motherhood! Ha!

I took Kendall to the doctor yesterday because her ear was draining. Poor girl had an ear infection. Her first one since having tubes at 18 months. Adley is doing ok once her nose is suctioned and she is kept upright. I'm just so worried hers will lead to something else. I hate when my littles don't feel good! I pray the sniffles let up soon! It stinks staying in doors when its so pretty outside!


  1. Ughh, hope they feel better soon... allergies are terrible here too, both of my kids are a mess!

  2. That totally stinks. But that pic of Kendall w/ her tongue out? Adorable! Such a pretty little girl (so is Adley!)!!! Hope they feel better soon!!!

  3. I'm so glad you had a nice weekend! I hope the girls feel better soon!