Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New Hair and a busy weekend of Celebrations!

Pregnancy and Postpartum hair is insane. My hair is thick to begin with and all these hormones make it even more difficut to manage. So I paid $12 to have it whacked off. Now if I could only get a grip on these baby bangs.

May Iphone 2014 053

Saturday my mom and aunts had an 80th birthday party for my grandma Novella. It was so much fun! Here is a picture of my grandparents with all of their great-grandchildren (minus one in PA and one in utero, ha!).

May Iphone 2014 063

Sunday, my bff had a sprinkle for baby Hallie. Here is a picture of my cousin Becca holding Adley. I love going to showers/parties with a bitty baby because everyone wants to hold and love on them and I get to eat. Ha!

May Iphone 2014 068

While Adley and I were at the shower, Chris and Kendall went to hang with my cousin Adam and Caleb at their house. Chris sends me this picture and I about died!

May Iphone 2014 069

I still can’t see Caleb in the picture. And this was taken after Adam had pulled them out a little ways. Men! Apparently, it was kind of traumatic. Kendall still talks about when her and Caleb ran into a tree last year. Ha!


  1. Your hair looks good! My hair was awful after having Emily. It was SOOO oily for some reason. It lasted for 5 months. No matter what I tried it was always terrible at the end of the day. I'm very glad it's back to normal lol.

  2. Your hair looks so cute!
    It sounds like you had a nice weekend!