Friday, May 2, 2014

New Store and a Lunch Date

You know you’re a full blown adult when its exciting that a new grocery store has opened in town. Naturally, the girls and I had to investigate. Kendall was a fan because they had carts her size.


While on maternity leave, I have kept K home from school 1-2 days a week. This past Friday I let her pick where she wanted to go to lunch (McDonalds) and we invited Aunt Amanda.



We also ventured to Target and the Dollar Tree. Where else would we go?

Seriously… could she be any more beautiful???


And my other little beauty purchased herself some lawn decor! Ha!



  1. Its sad when trips to Target are fun right? Thats the life with kiddos though! Aww they are precious and I love her yard decor hehe!

  2. So fun! Your girls are just beautiful! I am such a target shopper, this outing would have been amazing!!

  3. Noah loves going places where they have carts for him. I finally gave in and got a Target red card. I go there so much it's ridiculous so I figured why not?