Thursday, May 22, 2014

Shopping Shenanigans

Tuesday we ventured out to our local SAMs club with my mom. I just love buying things in bulk and my purchases are always so random. I purchased a bag of parmesan encrusted tilapia, a big bag of Boom Chicka Pop, a dress for K, and an inflatable pool. Ha!

  May Iphone 2014 001May Iphone 2014 108

I thought the pool would be nice for Kendall to have in the backyard. My parents have an in ground pool across the street but nothing beats a good kiddie pool in your own backyard! And for $30 you can’t beat it!

 May Iphone 2014 002May Iphone 2014 112

Kendall was loving this chaise lounge. Ha!

Funny story about this picture… We will title it, “You might be a redneck if you nurse your baby in a Liquor Barn parking lot”.

May Iphone 2014 003

We aren’t drinkers at all. My hubs drinks an occasional beer, but I rarely drink. Maybe once every 2-3 years. Ha! Anyway, my mom had a coupon for the Liquor Barn she got in some Christmas Bazaar basket and she was going to use it to buy decorations for my brothers college graduation party.

Well, as soon as she went in the store Adley woke up hungry! So I crawled myself to the third row cargo area and nursed her! Ha! No shame in my game. My baby has to eat!

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  1. That pool looks fun! Babies gotta eat when they gotta eat lol