Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Thrifty Tuesday: Keeping Kendall busy!

One of the things I am going to start working on with Kendall is getting her to write her name. I have been searching on pinterest fun ways to do this.

May Iphone 2014 092 May Iphone 2014 093

The lined paper is from the dollar tree and the big construction paper came with Kendall’s easel from IKEA. I cut up a bunch of squares out of construction paper and then put glue on the letters. I turned on work (kids song stations on Pandora) music and she loved it!

There have been so many days where I rely on the tv or ipad to keep Kendall busy when I am trying to get things done and I always feel so guilty. Who knew pasting some squares would be so entertaining and keep her busy for a half hour?


  1. What a great busy activity! Summer vacation is in 2 weeks so I know I need to find some things for Noah to do. His best friend moved. He used to live across the street. There is a girl next door who goes to school with Noah and they play occasionally. He says she only likes "girl" stuff lol. He's been pretty bored so I know summer is going to be tough!!!

  2. Great idea! Sometimes the most simple things keep them the busiest!