Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday

I think I will jump on this train again. I need to keep track of things and stay accountable. Unfortunately, my scale needs a new battery (and a nicer attitude) so I won't be weighing in this week.

I have started working out and I feel great. I'm not that consistent. I'm trying to ease back into things. Last week it was just taking a walk a few times. Very casual and with the kiddos.

Monday night I actually attempted Level 1 of the 30 Day Shred and it wasn't terrible. My tailbone(or sciatic nerve) hurt a little afterwards so I don't know if I overdid it. I'm a little sore, but not really. I kind of did my own pace but I didn't feel like it was too much. I'm going to start out doing it every other day and go from there.

I definitely feel more like myself when I exercise. Now if I could just get a grasp on this eating better deal.

I'm tracking calories on MyFitnessPal (mrsryan555 - look me up). I'm giving myself 2000 calories a day. This may seem high, but I'm also exclusively breastfeeding (supplying nourishment for a tiny, growing Adley) and that's more important than dropping weight. I read some where that breastfeeding burns 20 calories an ounce, and I pump/nurse 5-6 ounces at least 6 times a day. So that means I could be burning up to 700 calories a day feeding my babe! Thank you, Adley! Hence the 2000 calories!
Plus, as much as I'd love to drop the weight quickly, it needs to come off slowly. So it will stick. It took 9 months to gain almost 50 pounds, so I'm giving myself time to lose that last 25 pounds.

I know by continuing to exercise and by fine tuning my eating, I will get there. :)


  1. Sounds like youre on the right track! Keep up the great work :)

  2. You will be back to the old, fit you in no time! But no rush, that baby needs her milk! :-)

  3. You're already doing a great job! My body went back to normal almost right after I had Noah. With Emily it's been a lot harder. I'm only 5 pounds heavier than I was pre pregnancy which I'm okay with. BUT everything is jiggly. Super duper jiggly. All of the weight is also proportioned differently and in the wrong places. I was doing T25 but had to stop. It's a lot of jumping and squats. I have really bad knees and even doing modified versions of the workout left my knees swollen and painful. For now I'm just walking and doing exercises throughout the day when I have time. I'll be glad when we go visit my mom for the summer. She has a pool so I can swim this body into shape lol.

  4. Good luck this week!

    I hope you can stop by and visit:


  5. You have a good plan in place! Good luck!!!! And send some of your motivation my way!!!

  6. You've got a good plan! My baby girl is 14 months old now, and I took it slow on the weight loss journey. It feels great! Added you to MFP too! :)

  7. I need to start using MFP daily again. It was tough for me after having Mason to get back into the swing of the workout thing. You are doing great - move at your own pace :) Thanks for joining the link up!