Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Weigh in Wednesday

I'm happy to report I am down -3 pounds from last week! It's amazing what making smarter choices (avoiding the drive thru) and getting my body moving (fitbit) will do!

I've lost over 11 pounds in like 3 weeks and I really want to say that this isn't normal. I am exclusively breastfeeding Adley so that is a major calorie burner right there! Plus, you need to know how badly I was eating before. 

In my experience, the only way I can lose weight is to track everything I put in my mouth and exercise. I still have an occasional fast food meal or coca cola, but I cannot do that everyday! I wish I could. Right now it is willpower that I haven't opened the chocolate bars I purchased yesterday for s'mores this weekend. 

Now I have only 13 pounds to go to get to pre pregnancy weight! Woohoo! 
Follow me on MyFitnessPal (mrsryan555) if you want to see how I work in foods I love in moderation. Ha! I'm also on the fitbit network but I have no idea how to add friends. :) 


  1. You are rockin' it woman!! Breastfeeding or not, it's still a big accomplishment... hope you're proud of yourself!!

  2. way to go!!! I planned to lose 3 lbs this month and I did then gained it back this weekend :(

  3. Congratulations-- awesome weigh-in! :)

  4. Great job lady! You'll get there! Now if I only had the motivation to get some more off of me!!

  5. Wow!!! My jaw dropped! Way to go :)


  6. Eek! Add me to fitbit!

    Great loss!!