Sunday, June 22, 2014

Adley is 3 Months Old!

You’re growing like a weed Miss Adley Kate! I cannot believe another month of your life has flown by so quickly! It has been a fun month watching you explore your world. Your cute personality is shining through and I’m learning more about you each and every day. This month…

June 2014 016

  • You’ve discovered your hands and how to put them in your mouth
  • You’re drooling all over the place, I guess I should bust out the cute bibs
  • You love to smile and we love to see you smile
  • I stepped on the scale with you and I think you weigh around 13 pounds

June 2014 010

  • You have started laughing out loud and its the cutest thing!
  • You’ve also become quite the talker
  • And shaker too! You like to move those limbs!
  • In your bath last night, you kept splashing the water out with your feet!
  • You still love bath time and getting your hair brushed

June 2014 005

  • You love to nap on mommy’s chest
  • Sitting in your bumbo is becoming one of your favorite hobbies
  • So is watching Mickey the Mouse!
  • You’re wearing mostly 6 month clothing now, a few 3 month outfits still fit
  • You have started grabbing on to things

June 2014 012

  • You sat in your exersaucer for the first time this week and loved it!
  • You love car rides once you get moving. Sometimes we throw a fit at stoplights, but that's ok.
  • You love staring at baby Adley in you car and crib mirror.
  • You love listening to your music in your crib or from your light up seahorse
  • You still sleep in mommy and daddy’s room
  • You do the cutest thing with your hands. You grab your thumb! I love it and want to remember it forever!

photo (2)

  • You sleep through the night… which is WONDERFUL!
  • You eat every 3-4 hours during the day
  • I think you get anywhere from 5-6 oz a feed
  • You hate wet/dirty diapers (I don’t blame you!)
  • And this hair… this cowlick says it all! Ha!

June 2014 015

Month 3 has been a blast and I look forward to watching you grow more and more! I know you are on the brink of discovering all of the neat things you can do! Love you bunches, baby cakes!




  1. Awww!!! Miss Adley, Auntie Erin wants to hug and kiss on you so much! :) Love that thumb thing! And did you make those 'sandals' or buy them? Thought about trying to figure out a way to make them more 'manly' so Tate can have s/t on his feet for special occasions (church, weddings, etc). Miss you Shelli!