Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Health probs y'all

I'm one of those people that puts themselves on the back burner most of the time. When I started takings meds for my thyroid I was amazed at how great I felt. I didn't realize I wasn't feeling good or to my full potential before that. Instead of questioning why I was tired, my nails were falling apart, and a bunch of other symptoms the thyroid hormone affects, I just chalked it up to being out of shape or  hormones etc.
So when my tooth was hurting a few weeks ago, I knew I should go get it checked out since my teeth took a beating my last round of pregnancy/breastfeeding. I went to the dentist only to be told I didn't have a cavity (yay!) but I should probably address my jaw.
Apparently, if you grind your teeth you shouldn't ignore it? Apparently, if your jaw pops when you open it, that's not normal? Say whaaaa?

Yesterday I visited the TMJ doc and it was great. Seriously I wish all doctors offices were like that one.
I walk in and not only is it beautifully decorated, but there is spa music playing. 
The receptionist gives me a tour of the office and explains my intenerary for he next 2.5 hours. Yes, that's how long the consult lasted.
And then they gave me a gift! A candle!
Then the doctor examined my whole mouth, face, and head. I got a cranial massage, basically. 
Then I was offered snacks and a drink. I refused the snack. Huge mistake! I then filled out a bunch of forms about my mental health and met with a patient advocate.
My teeth grinding and jaw issues are all stress related. I'm a worrier and anxious by nature. Add in a new baby, not working, being home all day with a threenager, and desperately looking for a teaching job... And my body is noticing.

Here's me action plan.
1. I go tomorrow to get a mouth guard. So sexy!
2. I need to chill out.
3. I need to exhaust my insurance since I've met my out of pocket max for the year.


I was thinking of going to the chiropractor and looking into medical massages and/or a therapist. I've always wanted to talk about myself. 


  1. Threenager, that is awesome! I hope you feel better.

  2. I hope you start feeling better soon! I would definitely look into medical massage and then get as many as you can!!! lol

  3. Chiro never worked for me. I also grind my teeth and also have TMJ. I hope you find something that helps. Keep us posted!

  4. My husband had a mouth guard for a while. It really did help. It did stop once he was less stressed. Good luck!