Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The park, Target, and a Grad party

Our Memorial weekend was packed!

Saturday I took the girls out to have some fun and run some errands. Chris helped my dad set up a big party tent and then move a boat at the lake.

In our old neighborhood there is a cute park with a lake. My parents still own a home in the neighborhood so I have a pass to the lake. We like to go and feed the ducks and play on the playground. Kendall and I like feeding the ducks for like two seconds and then they get a little too close. We finished our outing at Target and enjoyed some popcorn!

June Iphone 2014 018 June Iphone 2014 019 June Iphone 2014 020

Sunday my parents hosted a graduation party for my brother, David, because he graduated from college in December. It was really fun.

Before the party, Chris took us out to breakfast and to check on the baseball field. Ha!

June Iphone 2014 021 June Iphone 2014 023 June Iphone 2014 025 June Iphone 2014 028

I love the picture of my grandma holding Adley. They both are making funny faces!

On Memorial day, Chris worked a baseball tournament and we enjoyed the shaded tent set up at my parents house.

Isn’t my little Watermelon adorable? I had both girls dresses in a patriotic outfit but we had a blowout.

 June Iphone 2014 036 June Iphone 2014 037 June Iphone 2014 039  June Iphone 2014 042

The cocoon is my brother (college grad) showing us his new tent. And look! I’m actually in a picture!

We finished the day playing in K’s new pool and taking a nap!

June Iphone 2014 045 June Iphone 2014 046

I love Holiday weekends!

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  1. Looks fun! Jealous of the pic of Adley taking a bottle, ha ha!! Errrggg! Started trying again. He's not *as* put off by it but still doesn't want it. Tomorrow we have his 4mo checkup (waaa!), hoping his dr might have some ideas for us to try.