Monday, July 21, 2014

I feel beautiful when…

If your fb feed looks like mine, then you see all kinds of women posting pictures where they feel the most beautiful. I knew I wanted to do a post about this.

I felt beautiful when I became a wife!

 062 283

And he still makes me feel beautiful (most days, ha!)

June Iphone 2014 052

I felt beautiful when I carried a baby and became a mother.

Baby Shower 055

October & November 2010 117 

I felt beautiful when I carried another baby and became a mother AGAIN!

March 2014 Shelli Iphone 034

March 2014 052

My daughters make me feel beautiful.

Iphone 2013 589  mommyadley

Last year (pre-pregnancy) I worked really hard on my body. I was really close to me wedding weight and I splurged and bought a sexy, retro one piece. And I felt confident at the beach!

March-August 2013 196

And I feel beautiful (most days, ha!) in all my post-partum glory!


Ok, its been 4 months. That stuff takes time. But beauty isn’t about your body. It’s about your heart. :)


  1. You are beautiful! I love this post!

  2. Why did this make me cry?? Gah, I'm a mess! Ha! I think you are beautiful every day. I mean, c'mon, you're a BLONDE! Blonde's are prettier by nature anyway. And you're the sweetest person, so adorable! You are such a great friend to me, that makes you beautiful to me, too. The pic of your preg w/ Kendall, those dresses hanging up behind you? That brought out the ugly cry, ha! Love love love that picture! There is something about the happiness of a first time pregnant woman, isn't there? Miss those days, wish I could have them back to do over and really enjoy that time in my life. Ok, crying again! Time to get off here!