Monday, July 7, 2014

KY Kingdom

Our local amusement park reopened this year. It used to be a Six Flags park, but was closed after a scary incident and has since been vacant.
My parents got us all season passes and we have been itching to take Kendall. We had also been wanting to spend some special time with out big girl! 
So that's what we did! 

Fun little Shelli fact: my first job was at Six Flags. I worked at a corn dog hut and was really awesome at my job. I was a Service Superstar! Ha! 
I MADE Chris take a picture of me in front of my old stomping grounds. 

We had such a great time hanging at the park with Kendall. It was overdue alone time with her and it was just perfect! Chris also said he felt like a 26 year old again going out with 1 kid!
We can't wait to take her back! 

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