Sunday, July 13, 2014

No Dairy ain't so scary!

Its been about almost 2 weeks until I kicked dairy to the curb. And you know what? It hasn't been that bad. I've slipped up a few times. Like the one time I ordered and ate a cheeseburger or downed a bag of peanut m&ms. Oops.

Here are the changes I have seen this far...

- less baby acne
- doesn't cry/fuss when gassy
- regular BMs similar to when she was a newbie

Happy Baby = Happy Mommy 

I am 100% avoiding major dairy products for Adley, but I too, have experienced some rewards from this experimentation.

- small weight loss (2 pounds)
- I don't feel bloated at all!!!!
- regular BMs (tmi, but it's awesome)

My plan of action is to keep this no dairy gig up until Adley's 4 month appointment at the end of the month. I will get my doctors advice on reintroducing dairy or avoiding it for a few more months. I would be totally on board to avoiding it longer. 
Because I enjoy self torture, I've given up soft drinks this week as well. I've read that there is no way that could upset her tummy, since carbonation doesn't enter my bloodstream, but I'm convincing myself it is necessary! Ha! 

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