Thursday, July 24, 2014

Picnics and a Chore Chart

We’ve had exceptionally odd summer weather this year, so we have taken advantage of the cooler temps by playing in the yard. This particular day, we thought it would be fun to have a snack picnic in the yard.

My picnic buddies

DSC_0769  DSC_0772

Group picture (minus yours truly)


Our picnic lasted a whole 10 minutes. Ryan girls do NOT do bugs. Sorry, not sorry!


Recently, Kendall has taken on more responsibility in the household. Ha! I’ve always let her help with things around the house. Like setting the table, cleaning up her toys, and putting away laundry. I’ve showed her how to make her bed and she likes to fill Wilson’s bowls sometimes too.


She has also become FASCINATED with walking the dog.


So much, that we have had to make sure to take his leash and collar off when he comes inside so that she doesn’t hurt him. Poor, Will!


I made a little chore chart we used for all of 5 minutes. It includes walking Wilson, making the bed, taking a bath, helping with dinner, and brushing her teeth 2x a day! Obviously, I’m not a slave driver. I’m just trying to keep her grounded. Ha!

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  1. We've done chore charts before, and ended them pretty quickly too. Ha! They are more work for me and that was opposite the point, right? :) But they used to come in handy when the boys had to 'earn' a privilege. It was always very attainable for them so it wasn't like they wouldn't get to do it. But it was nice to have them a little excited to do chores around the house. Their responsibilities around here include emptying the dishwasher, setting hte table, picking up their room, making their beds. When I need extra help whipping the house into shape they help clean the bathroom sinks and counter and dust. Some other odds and ends if necessary. I totally believe kids should help w/ the house work, teaches them how to do it for later in life plus it's their mess, too, they should be helping w/ the clean up.