Friday, July 25, 2014

Soaking it ALL in

This teaching job deal is bittersweet. I'm so excited to start my career in education and teach! However, this summer has been so great! 
I am so Lucky to have played stay at home mom for a few months.

Some days were crazy and I wanted to pull my hair out. 

Most days were pretty fun and easy going. Nothing better than pjs all day!

Keeping K busy with "school" was fun! I really feel like she learned a lot from me! 

And Adley did too! It's been fun seeing her go from a newborn to a active baby in our family! 

These girls are my whole heart! I know I will have lots of days at home with them as a teacher, but I will think fondly of the fun times we had this summer!

I love my little crazy girls! :) 

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  1. So sweet! Made me tear up for you. And Miss A!!! She's getting so big!