Sunday, August 24, 2014

A night away!

Friday night when I got home from school Chris kept making comments about going to watch his schools football game. I knew it was an hour or so away and I had no desire to take the girls to a football game in the heat. No thanks. 

I jokingly said if we could get a hotel and go shopping the next day, I would go to the game. He was all for it! So we packed a few things and hit the road!

Obviously, the girls and I didn't go to the football game. We hung out in the hotel room and took baths in the jacuzzi tub.

Kendall thought it was the coolest place ever. That's what I love about her. It's so much fun seeing her childhood happen. It was worth every penny!

We woke up early and checked out the free breakfast. Ha!

On our way back home, we checked out some new outlet malls near our home. They were so nice and we can't wait to go back without kids. Ha!

It was fun being spontaneous and getting away, even if it wasn't for 24 hours! I told Chris we may have to repeat this for fall and christmas break! 


  1. What a great idea! Kids love that spontaneous stuff My boys think hotels are the coolest things ever! ha ha! :) Those girls of yours, such dolls! Miss you friend!