Saturday, August 30, 2014

Adley is 5 months!

Miss Adley,

You have been a ball of fun this month! You are learning and doing new things every day. I cannot believe you’ve almost been here half a year. Pretty soon you will be crawling and eating solids. You are always smiling and I cannot imagine a day without you here in our family!

This month you have been…

  • Talking! You love to use your voice!
  • Smiling! You love smiling at everyone!
  • sitting up (almost unassisted) you love to sit on the floor with your boppy pillow keeping you up and have toys around you


  • You can roll over every way possible
  • You can also scoot across a blanket and move in your walker across the floor
  • You love to be standing and sitting – no more laying down for this girl!

DSC_0832 DSC_0835 

  • You spend your days with Grandma and that is so much fun!
  • You and Grandma send me pictures and videos at work of all the cute thing you are doing
  • You are really good at grasping objects now
  • You have a few favorite toys and you love sleeping with a lovey or stuffed animal up by your face
  • You also love to sleep in our bed. I guess we should just move you to a queen size instead of your crib because you want none of that


  • You’re still an awesome nurser! You take bottled breast milk on the week days and then cluster nurse all evening and night. I’m so proud we have made it this far!
  • Pretty soon you will start solids and you are SO INTERESTED in food! Some days I think you might just grab something off my plate
  • You can hold your own bottle


  • You’re not a big fan of your carseat. We might be moving to a convertible seat sooner than later
  • You’re teething like a mad woman!
  • You’re kind of getting tired of your Rock-n-Play too – you’re so long and it’s not that comfortable for you anymore, but you nap great in it
  • You love watching Kendall play! You’re dying to get up and join her. It won’t be long before you are!
  • You love it when your daddy comes home!


  • I have no clue how much you weight but I’m guessing it’s around 16-17 pounds? Maybe more?
  • You go through diapers like a newborn!
  • You are wearing a size 3 diaper and size 6-9 month clothing
  • You still LOVE bath time!

And so much more my crazy, busy mommy brain is forgetting!

I love you so much baby girl! I still can’t believe you’re mine! I love holding, snuggling, and loving on you each and every day! I look forward to your next month of firsts! Love you bunches!



  1. She's precious, and I just love seeing the pictures of her! I'm missing these days with my Kate - they just grow up so fast! You're doing a great job with her! :)

  2. She is looking more like Kendall! Sounds like she's a busy baby!