Sunday, August 24, 2014

My first week of school

Being a teacher has been exactly what I thought it would be. Exhausting, but at the same time rewarding. I've cried a few times since the first day of school. Ha!

I feel bad for neglecting my little blog here, but all my free time has been given to my family. 

Where do I begin? The school I am teaching at is very rough. There are lots of discipline issues. This was a bit of a shock to me. I've never dealt with students so defiant. 

It's crazy because one day you're crying in the bathroom because you're so overwhelmed by a third grader. Then the next day when you're greeting students in the hall, that same third grader gives you the biggest smile and hug. That's what it's all about. I'm learning those students are why I wanted to teach in the first place.

In addition, to my first year teaching experience, I also have to complete a major internship program that includes a portfolio. That starts this week. Ugh. So much paperwork!

Now I understand summers and breaks off!

I also was asked to change my role at school a little. I will still be teaching science to intermediate grades (3-5), but I will now be teaching arts and humanities to primary grades (K-2). I'm so excited!

This post has been all over the place, but I wanted to be sure to write some of these thoughts down while they are fresh.


  1. That's awesome! A bigger workload maybe but awesome experience for you! I just knew you'd be an awesome teacher!!! <3

  2. Since beginning work my blog has also been neglected lol
    I am so excited for you and your job! A teacher friend told me once that teaching has high highs and low lows but it's all worth it.
    A lot like parenting?

  3. Don't worry about neglecting your blog! I've been neglecting mine since Katy was born a year ago, lol!!! Good luck with keeping up with those kiddos and get back to blogging when you can, we are all busy and understand!