Sunday, August 3, 2014

Our Week & Family Reunion

It's been a busy week around here! I've started doing new teacher things this week, so I was away from the girls a few days. :( they have enjoyed their Grandma time though! Chris was busy as well, he starts school this coming week.

Last Sunday, we had a cookout at Adam & Tara's. It was the first time my family would meet Hallie! She has grown so much since I met her on her birthday. We had fun dressing the babies up and taking their picture together. Adley and Hallie are about 3.5 months apart. Kendall and Caleb are 6 days apart. 

Monday I decorated my first bulletin board. Ha! I need to add more to it. I'm going to use this atrium space to display student work and display vocabulary and what we are working on. I also saw this neat idea of displaying a class timeline with pictures and updating it all year. 

I had a few people ask me about cart teaching. Imagine this... 

My mom is the best babysitter because she sends me photo updates to make me smile.

I won a door prize at my districts new teacher orientation! A big basket of school supplies and Reese cups!

Yesterday we went to a family reunion and had so much fun!

It was outside at a pavilion on a lake. The weather was so beautiful and we just hung around after we all ate.

Afterwards we drove to my parents lake property to show my grandparents and uncle the lake house they are building. I cannot wait!

My photographer took like 30 pictures of The Lion King on the way home. Even the Scar/Mufasa scene. Who wants to remember that? Ha!

How was your week/weekend?

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  1. yay for decorating your space!!! That would be one of my fav parts of being a teacher! :) Have you gone nuts on Pinterest pinning tons of teaching ideas? I love seeing what all my teacher friends pin over the summer. When is your first official day?? I know you've told me but my brain is mush, I can't retain info at all! We have a family reunion in 2 weeks, won't be by a beautiful lake tho. :(