Saturday, September 27, 2014

Changes in the Classroom

I miss my blog! I have been so busy! I feel like my life is a blur these days. I will get to that in a bit. I just want to remember what this moment. Both of my beautiful girls are sleeping in my room. I am pigging out on pepperoni cheese bread and pepsi whilst watching Parenthood and my other new fall TV returns on my DVR.
Isn't it always the best when you get alone time while your babies are sleeping soundly in your house. I like being with them. I just don't want to see them all the time. Ha!
I miss them terribly these days. I get a little time to snuggle and spend time with them in the morning and then I feel like our evening fly by. Poor Adley wants me all night. It's exhausting and I don't even care. I want her too. And Kendall? So overdue for a mommy and me date! And Chris? Yeah, I miss him too. A date night in October would be fab-ulous!

Going back to work has been tough. Going back to work with 2 kids has been harder. Going back to work AS A TEACHER is INSANE. Now I get the whole summers off deal. Seriously. And just when you think being a first year teacher on a cart, doing a first year internship program, and seeing 150+ kids a day couldn't get any more difficult... it changes.

My first grade class last week was a little rough. I found myself feeling sad for them. They didn't have a confident teacher. There was no structure in place. The classroom looked sad and lacked the look and feel of a primary classroom.

So when I was asked if I wanted to be their teacher I was super excited!!!

Monday I will officially be a 1st grade teacher IN A CLASSROOM and I couldn't be happier. I cannot wait to get to know these 23 kiddos and teach them so many things!

A few other teachers, members of the administration, and myself cleaned up the room last night. I left school at 7:30pm and drove to Walmart to buy cute bins and command strips for my classroom. Then myself, the girls, and my best sister Amanda went in again today to work on the room.
I will upload pictures later. I'm happy its coming together!

Instead of relazing while my babies are asleep, I just want to plan and prepare for my new adventure! I am so happy I made the decision to get my MAT in 2012 because I truly feel this is where I am supposed to be!


  1. Congrats on your new adventure! I am sure you will love it. I taught first grade for 11 years I loved it

  2. So excited for you!!! I bet your room looks amazing already!!